State Departments of Insurance

Resources for State Departments of Insurance Each state insurance department establishes its own licensing requirements and examination procedures. Visit your state’s website for the latest information regarding these procedures. Alabama Department of Insurance: Alaska Department of Commercehttp:// Arizona Department … Continued

Auto Insurance Customers Disappointed in Their Insurers’ Websites: 

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Auto Insurance Customers Disappointed in Their Insurers’ Websites: J.D. PowerMay 20, 2016Email ThisPrintNewslettersinShare21Article3 CommentsWhile overall customers are more satisfied with their experience shopping online for auto insurance, they are less thrilled with the websites of individual insurance companies, with only … Continued

Artisian Contractor Insurance

Contractor Insurance The construction industry is looking stronger today after a recession leaving many construction professionals out of business. Fortunately, the industry is on the rebound, so artisan contractors such as painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and drywall installers are … Continued

Hurricane Preparedness

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With Tropical Storm ERIKA, that’s predicted to strengthen into a hurricane, heading towards Florida now is a good time to double check your hurricane supplies.    

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