Your boat and personal belongings are very important to you. What would
happen if you lost them due to an accident, theft or storm? To protect against
loss or damage to your boat and personal property make sure you have proper
and adequate coverage for your exposure. Protecting against loss may require
special individual coverage.

Homeowners’ Insurance Policies usually provide only limited coverage for a
small boat. Typically, no more than $1,500 is available to pay for theft or
physical damage to the boat, its outboard motor, trailer, and any other
equipment or accessories. You should ask your producer (agent) or insurance
company representative about this. Coverage for theft is often limited and
frequently requires that the boat be on the property where you live when the loss
occurs. Additionally, your Homeowners’ Liability Coverage may not apply to
your boat, depending on its features (size, engine type, etc.). Personal belongings
are covered under the Homeowners Policy if the damage results from a covered
cause of loss, subject to your deductible and any other provisions, limitations, or

To verify that you have the proper type and amount of coverage for your boat
and boating activities, carefully review your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy. If
the coverage provided by your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy is not sufficient,
coverage can often be added as an endorsement, or it can be provided on a
separate policy.